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Project Reviews

My wife and I decided that we wanted a walk-in tub about two years ago. We did extensive online research and discovered San Spa. Their tubs had the features we were looking for, including a tub model that is wider for larger people, a door that opens outward, plenty of jets and it is American made.
When I contacted San Spa USA, I was surprised at how good their customer service was. Wayne Martin was the guy who helped us and he is great. Wayne took time to answer any questions we had, he explained everything to us that they install nationwide and use their own installers who do these installs full time. We also spoke with Ed Massa who is president of San Spa USA. Ed was very helpful too. They were always available to answer any questions that we had.
Once we purchased and the install was scheduled, San Spa installers were on time. They were very professional and did a quality work. Wayne checked in during the process to ensure we were pleased with the installation. The installers were done in 2 days. They cleaned up everything and explained the operation of the tub to us. Wayne has kept in touch with us asking how we like the tub and if we have any questions. We have now had the tub for four months and we love it!
Taking a nice hot bath with the air and water jets is great. It sooths all those everyday aches and pains. We are in our 50’s and have some arthritis. This tub is well worth the cost. We would definitely use San Spa USA again and we tell our friends and neighbors the same.
Thanks to Ed Massa and Wayne Martin and we wish you gentlemen the best in the future.
Sincerely, Steve and Laura Charron -- Lincoln, Illinois

The Charron Project
The Kovats Project

    We are very pleased with the installation of our San Spa Tub. The whole process was very pleasant. From the beginning when you first introduced the product to us and answered our questions to all the follow up visits, you made us comfortable with our choices. You patiently measured and remeasured and show us samples.
    The deliveries were like clockwork with everything coming on time. 
    The installers were courteous and friendly. They surely are highly skill. We appreciate that you came during the install to make sure that everything was proceeding smoothly. After finishing the installers made sure all was working well and cleaned up.
    Again, we are highly pleased and glad we chose you and San Spa. You and your product are truly top notch. We recommend you and San SPA to everyone. -- Judy & Ken Kovats 

The Baughman Project

Thank you for a good job. My mom really likes her new tub. My brother, Dave that was there for the install, said that Tom and his crew did a very good job. They were conscientious and did good work. Dave thought that the tub looked and performed well. My sister was there this weekend and she thought it looked great. She can't wait until she can enjoy it too. So, thank you. -- Thanks again, Cindy

The Thompson Project

I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my legs and after using my SanSpa tub only a few times my pain has clearly been reduced. My therapist was happy to hear that I purchased a walk-in-tub and is now recommending specific movements for me in the water designed to increase my mobility and flexibility.

 -- Sarah Thompson

The Hummel Project - Tub/Shower Combo

"We were most excited about the outward opening door because we will be able to use it long into the future as we age and our mobility lessens. We also like the ability to sit down comfortably and use the shower wand without any fear of falling".  --  Viola Hummel

The Head Project

   We shopped around and had American Standard and Kohler in to give us estimates and our third estimate came from a manufacturer we never heard of, SanSpa. After comparing the name brands to SanSpa, SanSpa’s construction was far superior. In addition the outward opening door had a frame. 

   When we got to the money part and we learned we could save $5,000 + our decision was made. SanSpa Is a better constructed product, a better value, and for us, a much better investment -- 

Retired Colonel US Air Force, E. J. Head

My physical therapist was very excited to learn that I purchased a walk-in-tub. I was sold on the idea of an outward opening door and I like washing my hair while I am safely and comfortably seated. -- Norma Head

Norma Headf.jpg
The Alford Project

We interviewed one of the big brand names (American Standard) and they wanted $16,500+.

Once we saw the quality of the construction of the SanSpa tub and the outward opening door, we knew we wanted the tub. When the factory rep gave us the installed price which amounted to a savings of over $5,000, our decision was easy. -- Elois Alford

Elois Alfordf.jpg
The Keane Project

“When I went on-line looking for prices on walk-in tubs and answered all the questions I started getting calls from different companies and had a few over the house. One of them American Standard wanted $26,000 but if I signed today they would do it for $18,000. That was $4,000 more than I had to pay. The big thing for us was the SanSpa door, the construction and the design.” -- William Seal

The Seal Project

“After they installed my tub I decided to give it a trial run. As I was sitting in the tub and soaking I did not really notice any change as far as my body problems, but when I got out I noticed my back pain was gone. This morning when I got up, I notice my shoulder and arm pain was gone. I had broken my arm and my shoulder was not happy. So I’m really looking forward to a lot more hydrotherapy sessions.” --James Keane

Walk-In Shower Installs
More Satisfied Customers

I assisted my mom with the purchase of her SanSpa Walk-In-Tub. The outward opening door, the overall construction of the unit and the bottom-line installed price convinced me it was the best value out there for us.

-- Becky Zelisko, Daughter

As a machinist for some 43 years I was drawn to the construction of the tub. The hinges are made of a ¾” solid cast aluminum fastened with three 5/16 bolt screws as opposed to the competitors who use a standard piano hinge #8 screws. The weight of the door alone is 40+lbs.  I like the Lifetime Warranty on the door seal and getting in and out of this tub is so much easier than what I had before. -- Gary Newport, Retired Machinist 43 years


The rough in of the SanSpa walk-in tub was simple, the instructions were simple and the installation was easy. One of the big surprises is we actually got the tub to drain in 45 seconds. After looking over the bids from American Standard, Kohler, Jacuzzi and SafeStep, I was all too happy to install the unit for my brother. I was able to save him over $10,000 and he has a far superior walk-in tub. -- Terry Newport, Retired Plumber 44 years

What Healthcare Professionals Have To Say About

I am a big proponent of the SanSpaUSA walk-in-tub for my patients because of the health benefits associated with hydrotherapy. Seniors who use hydrotherapy as a pain treatment on a regular basis experience marked reductions in body pain versus those who do not use hydrotherapy. Increased circulation helps reduce the pain associated with an aging body, including arthritis and back pain which leads to a better mental state and better quality of life.  -- Lydia Murphy, RN - Registered Nurse 


Over the past 30 years I have seen firsthand how many of my patients have benefited from having a  walk-in tub. The two direct benefits are SAFETY and CIRCULATION. Getting in and out of the tub can be a dangerous daily activity. We have a saying in our profession “one slip one fall and you can lose it all”! Safety is critical to both our health and our well-being. The second benefit that I have witnessed with  walk-in tubs is increased circulation. Hydrotherapy promotes circulation of blood and oxygen to the body which is necessary to maintain normal and regular cellular activity. No medical professional  can overstate the importance of circulation. When appropriate I recommend SanSpaUSA because of the design, quality of construction and the dollar value of their tub compared to other manufacturers.

-- Gina Hummel, RN - Registered Nurse


As a 64 year old Certified Personal Trainer and lifelong fitness enthusiast, I was not only drawn to the benefits of a Walk-in tub, but also to the convenience of having one, based on the many benefits of hydrotherapy that a good-soaking does. Not only in regards to physical pain treatment of muscles & ligaments; but, also the mental aspects of having your muscles relax & your tissues become more pliable and responsive to stretching. In addition to ‘pain management’, a good soaking will also 1] REDUCE your blood pressure & help your pulse rate to DROP, 2] IMPROVE your circulation -especially to your hands & feet, 3] DETOX your body by helping release lactic acid & other toxins from your system, thus making your Immune System stronger. Eventually, the severity of your aches & pains begin to diminish  in severity as your body releases endorphins [the body’s NATURAL painkiller]. Many of us have enjoyed these benefits using a Hot Tub, although it is not a convenient tool. First, for most of us, our initial experience with a Hot Tub has either been at a local gym or spa; and, while readily available at a gym, we must always be adjusting our schedule to FIT a soaking in. Unfortunately, spas come with an extra COST each & every time you want to use one. For those who have their own Hot Tub off their patio [or, deck] in their backyard, there is the ongoing maintenance of keeping it clean plus, given where you live, dealing with dramatic temperature changes as summer turns to fall, and then turns to winter.

-- Mark Schaefer, CPT - Certified Personal Trainer

Being a big fan of hydrotherapy, I see the daily benefits of hydrotherapy for my patients in the nursing home I work in. Many of my patients have problems with their activities of daily living and bathing is definitely one of them. Many have problems getting in and out of their regular bathtub. With a walk in tub they don’t have the problems of climbing over to get in and out. This makes it much safer and easier on their less flexible bodies. SanSpaUSAs outward opening door makes it so much easier for anyone to get in and out.

-- Jennifer Martin, LVN, Licensed Vocational Nurse


I am an RN and travel to my patient’s homes to administer care to them. It is gratifying to me to see anything that can help my patients with their chronic pain needs. One of the better things I hear from my patients is when they talk about their hydrotherapy needs being taken care of with their walk in tubs. My patients with the SanSpaUSA walk in tub tell me they love the way the tub fills and drains quickly and how the outward swinging door allows them to get in and out with minimal effort.

-- Susan Weston, RN, Registered In-Home Healthcare


We both work for an In-Home Healthcare Agency and get to go to see people at their homes. That has been difficult with the pandemic but it has to get done. Seeing patients in their homes is difficult and necessary work and both myself and my husband pride ourselves as registered nurses and people to make life as convenient and comfortable as possible for our patients. One thing we have noticed is the patients that have and use their walk in tubs and how they benefit from the hydrotherapy they get from their tubs. Our patients talk about the many benefits they get and especially with the walk in tubs from SanSpaUSA because of the outward opening door. They like the fact they don’t have to step up and over a threshold which can be very difficult for someone with decreasing mobility. Based on our own experiences with our patients we both highly recommend the SanSpaUSA walk in tub as medical professionals.

-- William and Candra Thomas, RN, Registered Nurses In-Home Healthcare

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