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Get the best of therapy, safety and luxury with a SanSpa USA Five Star walk-in tub!
Here Are Some Of The Awesome Features Of San Spa USA Five Star Walk-In Tubs
  • Air Jetting – Blows hot air single speed

  • Water Variable Jetting – With heater, 4 speeds, High & Low

  • Heated Backrest And Seat – Back rest and seat warms as the tub fast fills

  • ​Ozone – O3 Ozone sanitizes the entire jet system

  • ​​​Quick Fill And Drain – Fills and drains fast so you don’t have to wait long

  • ​Textured White Acrylic – Easy to clean and helps prevent scratches and hide them when they do occur

  • ​Aromatherapy – Pleasing, soothing scents 

  • Chromatherapy – Colored light combinations help relax and sooth your body and mind

Easy Entry and Exit System

Getting in and out of a regular bathtub is difficult for people with limited mobility, and often leads to accidents that can cause serious injuries.

Our walk-in bathtubs are made with industry leading large 32” door opening that swing out for easy entry and exit. 
San Spa walk-In tubs are worry free as there is NO THRESHOLD, enabling customers to simply slide into the tub. Plus, the floor is made of non-slippery material to provide added protection.

San Spa walk-in tubs have many points of contact for hands and feet to provide a firm grip.

Improve your health with a San Spa Walk-In Tub

Whether it was just a hard day or you are constantly suffering from muscular pain, San Spa USA Five Star Walk-In Tubs are here to provide you with the most relaxing, comfortable and luxurious bathing experience of your life.

San Spa Walk-In Tubs Can Help Alleviate The Following Health Issues:
  • Headaches

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Rotator Cuff Pain

  • Sports Elbow

  • ​Lower Back Pain

  • ​Sciatica

  • ​Poor Circulation

  • ​Knee Pain

  • ​Muscle Cramps

  • ​Heel Spurs

  • ​Arch pain

and more!

Aromatherapy and Chromatherapy 

A little therapy can help turn a bad day into a really good day! San Spa walk-in tubs are equipped with aromatherapy and chromatherapy to brighten your day and relieve your stress.

Aromatherapy can be done with the help of natural plant extracts known as essential oils. This helps in the general well being of your central nervous system.

Chromatherapy is color therapy that uses colored lights in your bathtub. San Spa walk-in tubs are equipped with an industry leading seven base colors and 21 blended colors with rainbow and pause cycles to meet your therapeutic needs. San Spa walk-in tub chromatherapy will help relax your vision, promote peaceful and tranquil moods, and contributes to harmonized emotions.

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